Communications Intern (Fall 2021)


About the Charter Cities Institute Fall Internship Program

The Charter Cities Institute is a non-profit research organization focused on empowering new cities with better governance to lift tens of millions of people out of poverty.

We are a team of researchers, developers, communicators and more, committed to building the ecosystem for charter cities by:

- Creating legal, regulatory, and planning frameworks;

- Advising and convening key stakeholders including governments, new city developers, and multilateral institutions;

- Influencing the global agenda through research, engagement, and partnerships

We are now accepting applications for our Fall Internship program.

Communications Intern Job Description

The communications intern role is designed for individuals who have are passionate about using the full scope of communication tools to build brands and help organizations reach larger and more engaged audiences. The communications internship provides an excellent opportunity for interns to explore the vital aspects of brand management, social media, traditional media, PR, content marketing and general communications. Interns must be creative, open minded, self-starters, detail-oriented and willing to take on the challenge of managing communication processes and campaigns.


• Communications projects as assigned by supervisor

• Support other teams within CCI to manage interdependent members on new and existing projects

• Creating and leading at least one branding initiative

• Punctuality and regularity at team meetings and brainstorming sessions

• Commitment to reading and learning assignments


Michael Holstein - Head of Communications


The company will offer a $2,500 internship completion award at the end of the internship period.

What Success Will Look Like

At the end of the internship, the intern should have the competence to take on a large communications project from start to finish. They should have the critical thinking and adaptive knowledge to understand the various aspects of an organization and how to communicate its products, progress and goals to a global audience. Interns must also show heightened level of deductive reasoning and innovation. Ultimately, our internship program will make the intern a better student, with better grades, and better prepared to take on the professional world.

Please apply with a resume, cover letter and relevant work samples (all in .pdf) to

Applications for this role have closed.
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