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The Charter Cities Institute is a rapidly-growing nonprofit research organization that is empowering new cities with better governance to lift tens of millions of people out of poverty. We are a cutting-edge, well-funded organization, composed of researchers, communicators, international developers, partnership experts and more, all dedicated to building the ecosystem for charter cities. We are hiring an Infrastructure Researcher to work with our growing Research Team under the Head of Research, conceiving of, researching, writing, and communicating how urban infrastructure should be optimally designed, financed, built, operated, and maintained within the context and constraints of cities in the Global South.

Our mission is to build the ecosystem for charter cities by: creating legal, regulatory, and planning frameworks; advising and convening key stakeholders including governments, new city developers, and multilateral institutions; and influencing the global agenda through research, engagement, and partnerships. We have exciting projects across the globe, with more coming online regularly.

The Charter Cities Institute is a small team, so the Infrastructure Researcher will need to be comfortable working on larger, flagship research projects as well as smaller, more ad hoc research outputs (e.g., blog posts, podcasts, policy briefs, YouTube videos, etc.). The ideal candidate should have experience in researching, conducting cost-benefit analyses, and/or helping conceive of, manage, and execute on mega-infrastructure projects. Ideally, the candidate will have a background at an infrastructure advisory firm, or within the infrastructure unit of a multilateral or development finance institution, or generally within a firm in urban development or in the EPC sector (engineering, procurement, and construction). The Infrastructure Researcher will work on both research projects as well as technical assistance and implementation with charter city projects on the ground.


  • Research: The Infrastructure Researcher will be responsible for formulating, researching, and drafting well-written research papers, policy briefs, reports, handbooks, and other written outputs pertaining to urban infrastructure. The aim of these pieces is to demonstrate the promise of charter cities as a policy solution to cost-effectively providing infrastructure within cities in emerging markets. The Infrastructure Researcher will also be encouraged to leverage their network in the EPC sector and global infrastructure advisory to engage in co-authored works and cross-promotional research activities with other teams/individuals.

  • Project Management: The Infrastructure Researcher will be given substantial autonomy in directing and owning the research projects he or she works on from conception through to (and including) dissemination. This includes ensuring the final research output is delivered in a timely, efficient, and maximally impactful manner.
  • Technical Assistance: Engage in technical assistance and advisory with charter city projects on the ground, providing consulting services to deliver urban infrastructure in the most cost-effective way possible. Key stakeholders in charter city projects include charter city developers, governments, and EPC firms.

  • Research Dissemination: Work with the Head of Research, Head of Communications, and Executive Director to pinpoint optimal distribution channels for each research output in order to maximize dissemination, audience reach, and overall impact (e.g., particular media outlets, think tank policy briefs, events, book volumes, scholarly journals, podcasts, YouTube videos, conferences, etc).

  • Represent: Depending on events schedules, the Quantitative Researcher may be asked to represent CCI at various events, participate in speaking opportunities, and generally be involved in boosting the brand and impact of CCI.


  • Masters preferred (or BA with relevant experience), in economics, finance, business administration, international development, or other relevant areas in construction management.
  • 3+ years experience in an infrastructure advisory or research role, preferably specializing in infrastructure projects in cities of the Global South.
  • Preferred: Experience providing input and advisory across the whole infrastructure project lifecycle: design, finance/contract negotiation, build, operations, and maintenance.


  • The ideal candidate will have advanced writing skills.
  • The ideal candidate will be entrepreneurial, applying a high level of resourcefulness to get stuff done.
  • The ideal candidate will have a set of relationships that can be leveraged for co-authorship, events, and other collaborations to increase the reach of ideas about charter cities.
  • The ideal candidate will be able to communicate effectively, including representing CCI at events, conferences, workshops, and policy dialogues and presenting research findings.
  • The ideal candidate is intellectually curious and has a passion for charter cities.


The Charter Cities Institute greatly values our office culture. We recently moved into beautiful new offices in the heart of the District. We're a small team, so we frequently socialize as well, with regular (but optional) lunches, after-work outings, and weekend activities.  Our staff is intellectually curious and enjoys exploring a wide variety of topics, so candidates should feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work.


This is a full time position, based in our Washington DC office. The Charter Cities Institute offers generous benefits, including health & dental insurance, education reimbursement, unlimited vacation days, book reimbursement, a 401k plan, and more. Salary is negotiable and based on experience. 

Please apply within or send a cover letter, resume and writing sample (all in PDF) to with a subject line indicating the position you’re applying for.  Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.  

Applications for this role have closed.
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