Legal Internship [Summer 2021]


Internship Summary

The Charter Cities Institute is offering a 10-week, full-time summer legal internship. Work will primarily consist of research and drafting model statutes and regulations for future charter cities. Legal research interns will be engaged in multiple projects dedicated to the development of this model legal code that draws inspiration from model legislation developed by organizations such as the Uniform Law Commission and the United Nations, with this work likely focusing on administrative and regulatory law. This role is designed for individuals who have an interest in a broad range of legal topics including economics, governance, public policy, and international development. Other duties may be assigned as needed. Interns will also have the privilege of working with our in-house team of researchers and receiving mentorship and academic guidance. Candidates are ideally rising 2L or 3L JD students having just completed their first or second year of law school, but LLM students are welcome to apply as well. Interns will be provided a $2,500 stipend. This internship will be remote because of COVID-19. The time requirements are 40 hours of work per week for 10 weeks, which will run from May or June until August or September, depending on the availability of the prospective intern.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Research Intern

  • Research topics as assigned by supervisor
  • Outlining and planning model statutes and regulations
  • Drafting model statutes and regulations
  • Support research team members on new and existing projects
  • Punctuality and regularity at team meetings and brainstorming sessions
  • Commitment to completing reading and learning assignment

Skills Required

  • Innovative with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong writing abilities
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Passion for charter cities, international development, and related topics
  • Risk taking and tolerance of uncertainty

Applicants must submit (PDF format)

  • An unofficial transcript
  • A resume
  • A writing sample
  • A cover letter

Application deadline: February 5th

Applications for this role have closed.
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