Nkwashi, Zambia

Nkwashi, Zambia is a new, master-planned city in construction outside of Lusaka, Zambia by Thebe Investment Management, a Zambian asset management firm. When completed, Nkwashi will be home to 100,000 residents and will feature a university and business district.

The Charter Cities Institute is currently negotiating memorandums of understanding with the Zambian government to create a special jurisdiction granting Nkwashi, as well as other future Zambian charter cities, broad authority over commercial law.

In February 2020, the Charter Cities Institute signed a memorandum of understanding with the Zambia Development Agency to help improve Zambia's Multi-Facility Economic Zone regime.


Zamfest 2019

Zamfest is a food, music and arts festival which was held in Nkwashi in May 2019.

This captivating annual festival features the regions largest fresh food suppliers, the most innovative chefs from across Africa, world-class pop-up restaurants and a diverse selection of African musicians and artists.

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