It's Giving Tuesday!



Hi Charter Cities Community,

It's Giving Tuesday! In challenging times, charter cities are an answer for better public health, safety, and wellbeing for millions of urban residents. Here at CCI we are building the movement and ecosystem for pioneering new city projects. Give today to support our research and advocacy.

If there is anything 2020 has shown us all, it is that is we need better governance. We need new ideas. We need systems of governance that fit their surrounding contexts—especially in developing countries. This is why we do what we do at CCI. We are charting the course for new cities and supporting the projects who are out there right now moving dirt! Our partners have secured financing and special jurisdictions. They are not waiting around and neither are we.

At CCI, we're supporting city developers by publishing our Reference Guides; including an Introduction to Charter Cities, Model Legislation, Model Charter, and Risk Mitigation Guide. We're looking forward to sharing our Governance Handbook and Urban Planning Guidelines in the spring. The Governance Handbook will address building administration and policy from scratch in areas including business and land registration, taxation, dispute resolution, labor law, healthcare, and more. The Urban Planning Guidelines will help city developers account for the emergent social and market factors that shape cities while avoiding the mistake of overplanning.

The Charter Cities Podcast has been a huge hit, with over 10,000 listens to date. Some of our most popular episodes include investor Balaji Srinivasan on building cities in the cloud, urban planner and economist Alain Bertaud on cities as labor markets, geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan on the political power of geography, political scientist Nic Cheeseman on democracy in Africa, and Próspera ZEDE CEO Erick Brimen on the world's first charter city.

Our media footprint has expanded greatly over the past year. CCI and our team members were featured in the inaugural issue of Works in Progress, The Telegraph, and the London School of Economics International Development Blog, among many others. Brazil's Escola Nacional de Administração Pública, 1517 Fund, and the Institut Ostrom Catalunya are just a few of the places our staff have been invited to present.

Our partner projects are pressing forward. Enyimba Economic City, Nigeria, a new city in Abia State planned for 1.5 million people with a focus on industrial development and logistics, is raising funds from development finance institutions and expects the regulations CCI helped draft to be approved soon. CCI is also advising Ciudad Morazán, Honduras, a new development for 8,000 people with a focus on light manufacturing. Ciudad Morazán is the second-ever Zona de empleo y desarrollo económico (Zone for Employment and Economic Development) or ZEDE, and has published its first regulations. In Zambia, 100,000 resident-development Nkwashi has started construction on a new university and recently partnered with Atlasmara and Lafarge to give away three homes in the city.

Your Giving Tuesday support will help CCI continue to build the charter cities ecosystem and provide high-quality technical assistance to city developers worldwide. Our team has doubled in size over the past year and we rely on you to continue building out our organizational capacity.

Please visit our website to learn more about charter cities and to donate. Thank you.

Best regards,
Mark Lutter
Founder and Executive Director, Charter Cities Institute