Podcast Appearance: 1517 Fund 026. Mark Lutter on How and Why to Invent Your Own Charter Cities

Mark joins the Subversionist Podcast with Michael Gibson to discuss what charter cities are, why you would want to start one, how to start one, and what the future of charter cities looks like.

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Topics covered in this conversation:

  • How China became rich.
  • What Charter Cities are.
  • Why some countries stay poor, even though we know what kinds of institutions make other rich.
  • Public choice problems and what stops reforms.
  • Georgism — Whether or not we should tax land.
  • Promising models of innovative governance across the world.

“The advantage of charter cities is they can be thought of as policy reform tools.”

“One of the things we focus on in charter cities is to align the interests of the governing body with the interests of residents as well as future residents.”